November 7, 2010

a couple o' weeks later.....

amy has been super about a little recap on the everett home and gift show. wanted to put in my two cents worth, but geez, it's been one thing after another, it seems.

i have to say that the comcast arena crew were really on top of things. those guys really had us in and out of the exhibit space with load-in and load-out in record time. i doubt that anything could have gone any smoother.

kudos to bill bradley with westlake promotions for the bang-up job of advertising. the crowds still seemed a but surprised by the inclusion of local artisans at the show - but no matter. we did our best to wow and pow them!

amy has an amazing hand at vignettes and i just let her do her magic. you can see her talent in the shoots that she took, below. i couldn't have improved on them! and even though our styles of collage are quite different, i was truly amazed at how well they showed together. another compliment to amy's gifts.

thanks to all who came out and supported our efforts. we surely do appreciate YOU!

October 25, 2010

the monday after...

Thanks to all who came out to see us this past weekend at the Everett Home & Gift Show!  Though it was not as crazy busy as we would have liked, we certainly had a lot of fun - visiting with artist friends, playing with watercolors and found papers, munching on chips and inspiring customers.  This was our first joint venture and we think we may try it again...we'll keep you posted!

In the meantime, make sure you visit our individual blogs on a regular basis to keep your creativity and inspiration well-fueled...
wendy's blog is
and amy's blog is

see you soon!
amy and wendy

October 23, 2010

there's still time...

if we didn't see you yesterday, you still have today and tomorrow to check out our booth at the Everett Home & Gift are some pics to entice you...

and there's so much more...would love to have you stop by!

October 20, 2010

It's show time...almost!

We completed the initial set-up of our booth today so the tables and grids are in place...all we need is the art work and we're ready for the show to open at 12noon Friday.

It might look empty now...

but we are expecting a stellar turnout - we saw many of our artist friends today - we hope to see you too!  To recap the details...

Booth 346 & 347
Friday October 22, noon to 6pm
Saturday October 23, 10am to 6pm
Sunday Octoer 24, 10am to 5pm
Link in upper right hand corner for free admission tickets
Reduced parking rates on Saturday & Sunday too

We plan to have a good time - come join the fun!

October 18, 2010

Artist in Action!

Wendy looks serious here but its a ploy...
she really is fun and wild about collage!

In addition to our wonderful booth at the Everett Home & Gift Show (fantastic art at affordable prices!), Wendy will be one of the selected exhibitors doing a live demo each day of the show.
Entitled "Not-So-Serious COllage", Wendy will use a variety of paper fodder to demonstrate collage-making without any adhesive!  How is that possible?!
She promises that it will be a fun upbeat look at collage making - with humor and a serendipitous result.  Join her for 30 minutes of fun and come away with the confidence to make your own masterpiece at home.
Demo Schedule is Friday at 1 pm, Saturday and Sunday at 3:45pm on the Main Event Stage.
Hope to see you there!
P.S. - Don't forget the link up in the right hand corner for free admission tickets!

October 15, 2010

i was "framed"!!

....and i freely admit it! you see here before you a little stack of framed "love". otherwise know as five sweet little collages and five precious little monotypes....ready (okay, almost ready, still have to put the wires and hangers on the back) for you to scoop up and bring them home! "love" on the wall.......but you will have to come to the everett home & gift show to grab 'em!!

October 11, 2010

a mess, but i love it!

wendy writes...when i am creating, the studio looks like a tornado hit it. stuff all over -paint and paper flying, sawdust collecting, stuff on the floor to trip over. where is my ruler, has anyone seen my scissors? no, not that pair, the ones with the yellow handles it's a disaster area. and i love it.......but then the time comes when all the hoop-lah dies down and once again, i feel the call to scrub everything top to bottom and start fresh. but, that, dear readers, ain't coming anytime soon!

(ps. top photo, you can guess it. orderly studio. a place for everything and everything in it's place! the bottom shot? uhh, can't find a freakin' thing!)

amy writes...when I am creating, I take over all available is our dining room table...good thing we aren't entertaining soon and that's there's a table in the kitchen for mealtime!

this is my studio space...once everything had a place, but that was a long time ago.  wendy saw my studio space...I think she wants to do an intervention after the show is over!