September 28, 2010

stuck on squares

I have this thing about seems to be the shape I am most drawn to (and part of the explanation of the name of my company - four corners design...)

In my pursuit of materials to use as a base for my multi-media collages, I often look for wood - nice, thick pieces that be hammered/nailed/wired for attaching found objects.  And I like to look for ideas in unlikely spots - because you don't need expensive supplies or fancy materials to make art.

I found great wooden square frames at the dollar store - unfinished, unadorned, unpretentious - a perfect blank canvas.  Here's one of my completed creations-
eat by amy duncan

Another place where I often look for supplies is Lowe's ( I work in the Paint Dept. so its easy to scope out ideas for projects.)  In the lumber dept., I came across cedar fence post caps - a nice solid finished piece of wood with routed edges.  Here's my first completed collage using a post cap as a base - 
grow by amy duncan

There will be plenty of these "square" collages at our booth - all different designs, all different themes.

And did you notice the special promo at the top of the page - you can get two free admission tickets to the show via this online link....gotta love free!

September 23, 2010

i have a scroll saw.....

......and i know how to use it! hubs kindly showed me the ropes and let me loose. oh, lord, was that a mistake? i could scroll wood for days. am putting together some rather funky pieces for the upcoming show - blocks of wood, cut shapes, paint and beeswax. i won't tempt you now - you will just have to show up and see for yourself!

September 18, 2010


Was a tumble of stone tile...

Now a set of coasters!

Digital reprints of my original multi-media collages turned these plain stone tiles into lovely coasters - one of many gift ideas at our booth...

September 13, 2010

what hubs found!

my dear hubs, whom i love more than life, has done it again! the man has a gift, i tell ya! i mention something i am on the lookout for, and he finds it at a thrift store or an antique mall for cheap and pronto. that's exactly what he did last week! i told him that i have always wanted an old typewriter - this time for text use in collage and art journals for this upcoming show (nothing can compare to the original type on one of those old-fangled things). for 20 bucks and less than an hour mending a broken table leg,
this is what he came home with, much to my delight. a real, honest-to-goodness underwood no. 5!! i'm so thrilled! i am so gonna have to keep him, wouldn't you agree? (and yes, you can still purchase ribbons for said underwood! yay!)

September 9, 2010

Good Advice

I have this little collage art piece tacked up on my bulletin board in my office - of course the artist is Miss Wendy - she sent it to me as a thank-you.

But the message is very clear - Just say Yes - whatever it is, if you feel you should hesitate - instead Just say Yes.  I was initially on the fence about participating in the Everett Home & Gift was a new twist on an old idea; it was a different type of venue for artists; I didn't know if I could commit three plus days to a show.  But then I heard from Wendy...and though she didn't say it directly, I knew that I had to Just say Yes

So I did - and now I'm so excited and thrilled about this be involved with the local art community and to be working jointly on a project with a gifted fellow artist...doubling our creativity, dividing the responsibilities.

So I hope that the public (that means you!) also Just say Yes - to mark these dates on your calendar - to travel to Everett - to attend the show - to support the artist community - and to get your holiday shopping done!

BTW...I think Wendy is planning on having mini-collages along the same lines as the one she gave me available at our booth...isn't a mini piece of art much more sincere for a thank you/thinking of you/happy day message than a hallmark card....!

September 6, 2010

...and it begins!

yes, indeedy! the beginning of a grand collaboration that has me tickled pink! "collage duo" with the fabulously talented amy duncan? really, i couldn't have imagined such a thing happening and here it is! am thrilled that this opportunity presented itself to us. thank you, arts council of snohomish county for your introduction!

as you can see by the photos, i'm busy making plans, making lists, gathering supplies and starting to create some dynamite products for the everett home & gift show! unique accessible art that is affordable - it will be the holidays before you know it and this your chance to get a bunch of your shopping done in one place. all in a jiffy and all handmade. & we won't be the only ones showing at this event, either. many other talented local artists will be joining the fray and the fun.

you won't want miss this event!