September 9, 2010

Good Advice

I have this little collage art piece tacked up on my bulletin board in my office - of course the artist is Miss Wendy - she sent it to me as a thank-you.

But the message is very clear - Just say Yes - whatever it is, if you feel you should hesitate - instead Just say Yes.  I was initially on the fence about participating in the Everett Home & Gift was a new twist on an old idea; it was a different type of venue for artists; I didn't know if I could commit three plus days to a show.  But then I heard from Wendy...and though she didn't say it directly, I knew that I had to Just say Yes

So I did - and now I'm so excited and thrilled about this be involved with the local art community and to be working jointly on a project with a gifted fellow artist...doubling our creativity, dividing the responsibilities.

So I hope that the public (that means you!) also Just say Yes - to mark these dates on your calendar - to travel to Everett - to attend the show - to support the artist community - and to get your holiday shopping done!

BTW...I think Wendy is planning on having mini-collages along the same lines as the one she gave me available at our booth...isn't a mini piece of art much more sincere for a thank you/thinking of you/happy day message than a hallmark card....!

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