September 28, 2010

stuck on squares

I have this thing about seems to be the shape I am most drawn to (and part of the explanation of the name of my company - four corners design...)

In my pursuit of materials to use as a base for my multi-media collages, I often look for wood - nice, thick pieces that be hammered/nailed/wired for attaching found objects.  And I like to look for ideas in unlikely spots - because you don't need expensive supplies or fancy materials to make art.

I found great wooden square frames at the dollar store - unfinished, unadorned, unpretentious - a perfect blank canvas.  Here's one of my completed creations-
eat by amy duncan

Another place where I often look for supplies is Lowe's ( I work in the Paint Dept. so its easy to scope out ideas for projects.)  In the lumber dept., I came across cedar fence post caps - a nice solid finished piece of wood with routed edges.  Here's my first completed collage using a post cap as a base - 
grow by amy duncan

There will be plenty of these "square" collages at our booth - all different designs, all different themes.

And did you notice the special promo at the top of the page - you can get two free admission tickets to the show via this online link....gotta love free!

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