October 18, 2010

Artist in Action!

Wendy looks serious here but its a ploy...
she really is fun and wild about collage!

In addition to our wonderful booth at the Everett Home & Gift Show (fantastic art at affordable prices!), Wendy will be one of the selected exhibitors doing a live demo each day of the show.
Entitled "Not-So-Serious COllage", Wendy will use a variety of paper fodder to demonstrate collage-making without any adhesive!  How is that possible?!
She promises that it will be a fun upbeat look at collage making - with humor and a serendipitous result.  Join her for 30 minutes of fun and come away with the confidence to make your own masterpiece at home.
Demo Schedule is Friday at 1 pm, Saturday and Sunday at 3:45pm on the Main Event Stage.
Hope to see you there!
P.S. - Don't forget the link up in the right hand corner for free admission tickets!

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