October 11, 2010

a mess, but i love it!

wendy writes...when i am creating, the studio looks like a tornado hit it. stuff all over -paint and paper flying, sawdust collecting, stuff on the floor to trip over. where is my ruler, has anyone seen my scissors? no, not that pair, the ones with the yellow handles it's a disaster area. and i love it.......but then the time comes when all the hoop-lah dies down and once again, i feel the call to scrub everything top to bottom and start fresh. but, that, dear readers, ain't coming anytime soon!

(ps. top photo, you can guess it. orderly studio. a place for everything and everything in it's place! the bottom shot? uhh, can't find a freakin' thing!)

amy writes...when I am creating, I take over all available space...here is our dining room table...good thing we aren't entertaining soon and that's there's a table in the kitchen for mealtime!

this is my studio space...once everything had a place, but that was a long time ago.  wendy saw my studio space...I think she wants to do an intervention after the show is over!

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