November 7, 2010

a couple o' weeks later.....

amy has been super about a little recap on the everett home and gift show. wanted to put in my two cents worth, but geez, it's been one thing after another, it seems.

i have to say that the comcast arena crew were really on top of things. those guys really had us in and out of the exhibit space with load-in and load-out in record time. i doubt that anything could have gone any smoother.

kudos to bill bradley with westlake promotions for the bang-up job of advertising. the crowds still seemed a but surprised by the inclusion of local artisans at the show - but no matter. we did our best to wow and pow them!

amy has an amazing hand at vignettes and i just let her do her magic. you can see her talent in the shoots that she took, below. i couldn't have improved on them! and even though our styles of collage are quite different, i was truly amazed at how well they showed together. another compliment to amy's gifts.

thanks to all who came out and supported our efforts. we surely do appreciate YOU!

1 comment:

demie said...

I would love to be there!
Sound interesting and from the photo looks really beautiful : )

enjoy your week!